TASER C2 Replacement Cartridges 4 Pack







Includes 4 15' replacement cartridges
Compressed Nitrogen propulsion
Includes OEM TASER practice target
Quick reload design

Note: Drivers license number and state of issue must be included in comment section of checkout page or during registration for shipment. *Details at bottom of page.




The TASER C2 replacement cartridges allow for quick reload of the TASER C2 personal defense device. Reloads can be performed in under 2 seconds. Reloading your TASER C2 is easy by simply depressing the release buttons on either side of the TASER C2 cartridge and pulling outward. The new replacement cartridge simply slides into the front of the TASER C2, locking into place. The TASER device is again ready for operation at this time.



The TASER C24 PackReplacement Cartridges includes a 90 day warranty against manufacturers defects.


*AsMackenzie Enterprisescompletes the product registrations for the TASER M26C, X26C and TASER Replacement Cartridges, the purchaser must include their drivers license and state of issue in theorder comments sectionof the checkout page or during user registration. Orders for these products will NOT ship until this information is received.

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  • Model: C2 Cartridge 4pack
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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 08 April, 2010.

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