TASER X26 Series DPM




1 Replacement battery for the TASERX26 Series
Not compatible withC2 series models
OEM Replacement part # 26700








The 26700 DPM is compatible with the TASER X26c and X26 model TASERS. This Digital Power Magazine (DPM) is a lithium energy cell power supply system with an onboard memory chip that maintains a record of vital operational status information, such as remaining power level, energy cell performance, and life expectancy for the energy cell pack under varying temperatures and loads. This is graphically displayed on the X26 Central Information Display (CID) giving officers you that the device is powered and ready if critical situations arise.

The TASER X26 series DPM (Digital Power Magazine) Battery Pack provides approximately 200 10-second firings. Environmental conditions, such as extreme heat or cold, can cause variations in battery life.





No product warranty is offered onrechargeable batteries except for TASER Digital Power Magazines.

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